Friday, November 30, 2018
By Robert Harrell
Our Basement Flooded 4 Times! Why It Could Happen to You, Too

When we bought a house in 2012, we were excited to give our children the playroom of their dreams in the basement. Since we'd never owned a house with a basement before, we had one question for the sellers: Had it ever flooded?

Prior to making an offer, we were assured up and down that the sellers had never had a basement flood. And not just one, but two home inspectors both agreed that the basement had never taken on water. We were sold.

When we moved in, the 200-square-foot basement had a lush rug on the floor, and walls covered in tree decals. We lined the walls with shelves of bins for the children's toys and spent hours organizing every tiny Barbie outfit, Lego piece, and plastic fruit so that their playroom looked perfect.

By Sasha Brown-Worsham

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