Monday, January 14, 2019
By Robert Harrell
First-Time Home Buyer Hell: Their Biggest Mistakes and Regrets

Life is full of regrets. There are those unfortunate fashion choices, such as shoulder pads, hammer pants, and the mullet. There's your crazy ex. (What were you thinking?) And then there's everything you did wrong when you bought your first home.

The biggest regret of first-time home buyers was that their new abodes turned out to be too small to accommodate their needs, according to a recent Porch survey. The online network that connects homeowners and professionals surveyed just under 1,000 people to come up with its results.

"They bought homes in neighborhoods they could afford at the time," says Porch spokeswoman Amanda Woolley. "As time passed, their circumstances changed—[their] family grew or incomes increased—and [they] could now likely afford more/different types of home."

By Clare Trapasso

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